Whether working with multifarious ensembles, large orchestras, rock bands, peyote singers, aleatorics or electronics, BC is one of those rare composers who is firmly entrenched - and thoroughly fluent - in a world of diverse and eclectic musical styles. His unique voice as a film composer moves between these worlds, combining, reinventing and re-imagining them effortlessly.

By the age of 16, BC was juggling high school and formal music studies with performing in rock and punk bands on the local and national club circuit. Upon graduating, BC was enticed to Seattle as both a protégé of Stan Kenton arranger Dave Barduhn, and as a member of several Seattle bands.

Eventually switching his focus away from performance, BC began studying with classical composer Roupen Shakerian, and noted musicologist and avant-garde guru Jerome Gray. In addition BC continued to work as an assistant to Ric Parashar as he produced the groundbreaking releases from Pearl Jam (their debut "10"), Temple of The Dog, and Blind Melon.

BC's diverse exploration of music and composition drew him to the world of commercial scoring and he quickly began working with high-profile national clients like Nike, Mountain Dew and Microsoft who relied upon him to take their commercials to the musical cutting edge.

Though BC quickly found himself in high demand in the world of Madison Ave, his love of pushing boundaries eventually led him to the world of feature films. Film editor Brian Berdan (NATURAL BORN KILLERS) recommended BC for a movie he had just started cutting - Miramax's SMOKE SIGNALS went on to win the Audience Award and Filmmakers Trophy at the Sundance Film Festival and BC found his work hailed as "one of the most dazzling aspects of the movie" by USA Today and "crucial" to the film "expressing its shifting moods" by the Los Angeles Times, while the Toronto Star declared "BC Smith's great soundtrack mix traditional and modern music, make[s] for an unforgettable combination.

BC credits include scoring the MGM/UA feature MOD SQUAD starring Claire Danes, Giovanni Ribisi and Omar Epps, the TV adaptation of the Tony Hillerman Detective series (THIEF OF TIME, COYOTE WAITS and SKINWALKERS) for Director Chris Eyre and executive producer Robert Redford. STANDING STILL (Amy Adams, Colin Hanks), ELLIE PARKER (Naomi Watts, Chevy Chase), BEER LEAGUE (Artie Lang) and Director John Jeffcoat's OUTSOURCED from which the NBC Television series was based.

Other notable projects include composing the song "Empty Sky" for the Jim Sheridan film BROTHERS (Tobey Maquire, Natalie Portman), commercials for the Dalai Lama, performing synths on releases for the bands Good Charlotte and Hollywood Undead, co-composing the theme song for THE JEFF PROBST SHOW and co-scoring the Award Winning Documentary BURN with NIN multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Cortini as part of their ongoing ACBC collaboration.

Recently, BC also scored CAMILLA DICKINSON, based on the novel Camilla by A WRINKLE IN TIME author Madeline L'Engle, Jeff Probst's KISS ME, Brandon Dickerson's VICTOR, THE BREAK UP GIRL for director Stacy Sherman, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Director Tobe Hooper's horror film DJINN and Scott Coffey's ADULT WORLD staring John Cusack and Emma Roberts.

Most recently, BC completed the scores for director Ramin Barahmi's LEMONADE WAR, starring Patton Oswald and Werner Herzog, Director Cornelia Moore's WEST OF REDEMPTION, The David Arquette starred AMANDA & JACK GO GLAMPING, for director Brandon Dickerson and producers Susan Kirr and Kathleen Sutherland, and the Mandalay / Netflix film AMATEUR for director Ryan Koo.

BC's also collaborates with NIN / How To Destroy Angeles multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Cortini under the nom de guerre ACBC. Winners of a bronze Clio and silver Eurobest (Cannes Lion) for their music, their client list includes projects for Apple and BMW, the award winning 8 part Woodkid directed campaign for Rihanna's album ANTI and the firefighting documentary BURN, winner of the Tribeca Film Festival's Audience Award.

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